On October 15, EPA Administrator Wheeler signed the Fuel Streamlining text confirming the regulation will be implemented on January 1, 2021.  The EPA is planning to hold a virtual workshop on December 9-10, 2020, on the Fuels Streamlining rule ahead of its implementation date.   

Tentatively, the workshop is scheduled from 9am-4pm EST on both days.  All attendees must pre-register for the workshop by notifying Nick Parsons at ASD-Registration@epa.gov

Turner, Mason & Company (TM&C) has been following this process since early 2018 and is prepared to assist you with understanding how the rule may impact your business.  Our regulatory group is actively working with our existing clients to assist them with their compliance programs.  Do you have an in-line blending system and need to update your waiver?  TM&C has conducted numerous in-line blending audits over the years as well as assisting with the in-line blend waiver process.  Concerned with the attestation requirements related to performance-based measurement systems (PBMS) and statistical quality control (SQC) for test methods?  We have expertise on this topic too.  Even prior to the implementation of PBMS, TM&C has been working closely with laboratories to ensure their programs meet the requirements for PBMS and SQC.    Give us a call today to discuss how we can assist your company in preparing for the upcoming regulatory change.

 Additional Resources:

Fuels Streamlining Website – https://www.epa.gov/diesel-fuel-standards/fuels-regulatory-streamlining

Pre-Publication Rule – https://www.epa.gov/diesel-fuel-standards/final-rulemaking-streamlining-and-consolidating-existing-gasoline-and-diesel

Proposed Rule Docket – https://www.regulations.gov/searchResults?rpp=25&po=0&s=EPA-HQ-OAR-2018-0227&fp=true&ns=true

TM&C Fuels Regulatory Practice has a wealth of experience spanning several decades in virtually all of the clean fuel programs affecting refiners and marketers. Throughout its history, TM&C has provided consultation on EPA and state fuel programs in essentially all aspects of compliance. TM&C publishes a monthly newsletter focused on a deeper dive into the current regulatory issues facing the industry. If you would like to be included on the distribution list, please visit our website: www.turnermason.com and send us a note under ‘Contact’ or feel welcome to give our regulatory compliance team a call at 214-754-0898.

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