Global Downstream Market Outlook (GDMO)
The Global Downstream Market Outlook is aimed at helping clients navigate the post-COVID environment by providing long term forecasts of refined product supply, demand and balances at the global, regional and country level. Also provided are forecasts of regional crude and product prices along with refining margins.

Key Features:

    •     Product Demand Forecast - Europe split into NWE, Mediterranean, and Major Countries; Asia and Middle East split by major countries; U.S. split by PADD
    •    Product Supply Forecast incorporating refinery closure threat
    •    Global product balances highlighting deficit and surplus regions
    •    Regional crude capacity changes and utilization forecasts
    •    Forecast of regional and country crude runs
    •    Changes in product yields from refinery investments
    •    Benchmark crude and product prices
    •    Gross Margins for key refining hubs – USGC, NWE, Singapore
    •    Semi-annual publication in March and September each year

    GDMO is Designed For:

      •   Market Analysts
      •   Strategic Planners
      •   Product Traders
      •   Shipping Companies
      •   Midstream Companies
      •   Industry Associations
      •   Financial Investors
      •   Utility companies
      •   Government Agencies
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2021 Crude & Refined Products Outlook
2020 is now behind us but the effects of the pandemic are still with us even as demand recovery continues, aided by loosening restrictions and improvement in the vaccine rollout. However, many questions remain surrounding what “new normal” awaits us as we emerge from this post-COVID environment. In this publication, we address the following topics and questions to help clients navigate the crude, refined products, and renewable fuels markets:
    • What would product demand recovery look like in the U.S. and Globally post COVID?
    • How will future OPEC+ action impact crude oil differentials?
    • How has COVID impacted midstream projects in North America?
    • How has the current environment and COVID-driven demand shock impacted refining investments and projects?
    • With recent developments in EV battery technology, what is the expected impact of EV penetration on transportation fuel demand?
    • Following recent planned announcements on renewable diesel projects, what is the expected capacity growth of renewable diesel production?
    • What U.S. state level LCFS initiatives are currently underway and which ones are expected next?
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2021 Worldwide Refinery Construction Outlook
The WRCO contains a comprehensive listing of all announced refinery expansions and additions regardless of the likelihood of completion. Information displayed for each project is:
    • Crude Grades
    • Product
    • Regions
    Data is gathered from publicly available sources with a Probability Index of 1 through 5 assigned to each project.
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Mexico Refining, Midstream, and Retail Market Data
This dataset covers recent developments in Mexico’s refining, midstream, and retail markets, including forecast of refined product supply/demand balances, terminal and pipeline infrastructure and investments, and expansions in the retail fuel markets. Forecast is provided out to 2035 and country data is broken out by the 5 regions.

Key Features:

    • Forecast of product supply and demand of gasoline, jet, diesel and fuel oil, including supply sources and sector demand
    • Car parc data by vehicle type – motorcycles, automobiles, trucks and buses
    • Refinery capacities, forecast refined product balances and historical trade
    • Storage terminal, pipeline and rail infrastructure including location, capacities and supply sources
    • Historical and planned midstream investments including sponsor, location, capacities and project costs
    • Current and planned retail fuel station network covering locations, company and % share
    • Country and regional maps featuring terminal locations, pipeline connectivity, rail transportation network, and retail fuel sites
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Clearing the Bitumen Bottleneck – A Multi-Client Study
This Multi-Client study focuses on assessing the processing, transportation & marketing options for Alberta Bitumen and evaluates options available to producers based in part on the relative crude values delivered to key refining centers. The study's scope includes blended bitumen, partially upgraded bitumen, fully upgraded bitumen and refined products. Various transportation scenarios for Alberta producers are assessed with the optimum netback analyzed under each selected scenario.

Key Features:

  • Current assessment of Alberta oil sands supply, demand and logistics
  • Economic analysis of bitumen blending, partial upgrading, full upgrading, and refining in Alberta
  • Key refinery disposition markets best configured for each bitumen stream
  • Pipeline implications (Enbridge Line 3, TransCanada Keystone XL, Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion) of future bitumen production and transportation
  • Economic assessment of railing bitumen to various markets
  • Netback analysis on bitumen exports to the U.S. and Asia including price decks for both crude and refined petroleum products at key locations
  • Supply/Disposition analysis to determine how much bitumen, and in which form, can be absorbed by key markets (PADDs I-V and Asia)
  • IMO 2020 impact on Alberta bitumen production
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