The global renewable fuels market continues to experience tremendous growth, driven by state and country mandates (e.g., U.S. federal RFS, MN Biodiesel blending requirements, California LCFS, etc.). This growth has spurred development of renewable fuels producing facilities across the world as companies respond to opportunities created by these regulatory requirements. The renewable fuels growth, especially in the area of diesel, has also introduced various feedstock sourcing options available to processors such as soybean oil, canola oil, used cooking oil and the like, to produce renewable diesel and biodiesel. While companies have been scaling back capex spending over the years in traditional refinery and other petroleum-linked projects, most recently in the wake of COVID-19, investments continue to proceed in the renewable fuels space as the industry prepares for a lower carbon future.

How can Turner, Mason & Company Help You and Your Organization?

  • Assess prospects for co-processing of renewable diesel feedstocks
  • Evaluate prospective biomass and other feedstocks available to produce renewable diesel, including supply sources, logistics and market pricing
  • Assess commercially available technology options for processing feedstocks and converting to renewable diesel production
  • Provide assessment of technical requirements for process unit selection and co-processing
  • Conduct due diligence reviews, including site visits, of renewable diesel facilities

Exemplary Engagements on Renewable Fuels

  • Played an active role in completing the FEED and commercial contracts for a Renewable Diesel plant slated to commence operations in 2021
  • Participated in the technology selection for a large renewable diesel plant for a Rocky Mountain refiner
  • Performed several due diligence reviews for refiners, various renewable fuel suppliers, and biodiesel producers
  • Provided assistance to register biodiesel plants in France, Netherlands, and Argentina with the EPA and third-party engineering review required by regulations
  • Participated in an economic compliance assessment for a greenfield biodiesel processing facility for Midwest refiner
  • Engaged by a U.S. Airliner to define the regulatory requirements for receiving sustainable aviation fuel for blending with petroleum-based aviation fuel at a West Coast airport facility
  • Evaluated the validity of renewable fuel identification numbers that were purchased by a biofuels producer
  • Presented an assessment of the processes, economics, and likelihood for co-processing renewable fuels in petroleum refineries to a government agency
  • Provided staff training and development of manuals for renewable fuels compliance regulations
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Contact Us

Turner, Mason & Company has been active in the renewable diesel market for the past 10 years through single and multi-client engagements including due diligence of renewable diesel facilities. Our team is working with clients to assess renewable diesel market opportunities created by the various blending mandates, through market research offering and consulting services aimed at analyzing future supply and demand of renewable diesel, quality and sustainability of feedstock supply, and the economics driving existing plant conversions and new builds.  For more information about our renewable diesel market research or for any specific renewable fuels consulting engagements, please send us an email at or give us a call at 214-754-0898.

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