Global Probable Refinery Investments


Provides a detailed list of global probable refinery projects by region through 2024, including project sponsor, location, process units, estimated costs, and expected completion dates. Also includes crude and conversion unit capacity changes and product impact on regional supply.



Data File Contents

  • North America Planned Refinery Investments
  • Europe Planned Refinery Investments
  • Latin America Planned Refinery Investments
  • Middle East Planned Refinery Investments
  • Africa Planned Refinery Investments
  • FSU Planned Refinery Investments
  • Asia Pacific Planned Refinery Investments
  • Global Planned Refinery Investments
  • Crude and conversion units capacity changes
  • Refined product changes


Tables Included

  • Crude Capacity Additions by Region through 2024
  • Conversion Unit Capacity Additions by Region through 2024
  • Octane Unit Capacity Additions by Region through 2024
  • Other Unit Capacity Additions by Region through 2024
  • Heavy Crude Capacity Changes by Region
  • Medium Crude Capacity Changes by Region
  • Light Sweet & Sour Crude Capacity Changes by Region
  • Gasoline, Distillates, Resid & Other Product Changes to Regional Supply
  • Project Sponsor, Location, Process Units, Estimated Costs, and Expected Completion Dates by Region


  • Data File (Published: September 2022) Global Probable Refinery Investments.xls



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