Published on Monday, February 26 2018
Authors: John Auers

By John Auers The profitability of all manufacturing businesses is highly correlated with capacity utilization and certainly this applies to the refining industry. Utilization, in turn, is driven by both demand and supply factors.  While refiners can’t control demand; they can, to a certain extent, control supply.  Decisions to expand…

Published on Monday, February 19 2018
Authors: John Auers and John Mayes

By John Auers and John Mayes The past year was truly an eventful one for the oil industry, with major and potentially trend-setting developments in all segments of the business.  In thinking about this rapidly evolving environment, the early 70’s tune, “I’d Love to Change the World,” (recorded by the…

Published on Monday, February 12 2018
Authors: John Auers and Robert Auers

By John Auers and Robert Auers Immigrant Song, released in 1970, was the leading single from Led Zeppelin’s third album (Led Zeppelin III) and described the Vikings leaving Scandinavia in search of new lands to conquer.  Today, Scandinavia (Norway, in particular) has become the world’s poster child for EV adoption…

Published on Monday, February 5 2018
Authors: James W. Jones

By James W. Jones Last week’s guest blog by George Hoekstra of Hoekstra Trading highlighted the potentially serious economic penalties associated with meeting Tier III gasoline sulfur standards with certain FCC naphtha post-treating technologies or units that are not being operated at their optimum points; however, Mr. Hoekstra’s article was…

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