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 Archived Newsletters


September 2018- “1 PSI RVP Waiver for Summer Gas

August 2018- “E-15 RVP Waiver

July 2018- “Fuels Regulations Streamlining

March B 2018- “What to do with the Controversial Renewable Fuel Standard Program

March 2018 – “Why Aren’t More US Oil Refinery Renewable Fuel Producers Also

February 2018- “Modifying the RFS Program One Refinery at a Time

January 2018- “To Sell or not to Sell

October 2017- “The Future of Renewable Fuels

August 2017- “What Did He Say?

July 2017- “Show Me the Money

February 2017- “SPR, Security of Supply or Slush Fund

January 2017- “Surprises in Meeting Renewable Fuels RVO “

November 2016- “2017 RFS RVO

October 2016- “RIN Generation, the Next Generation

September 2016- “How are Your VARs

April 2016- “Give Credits where (Sulfur) Credits are Due

March 2016- “RIN Prices

January 2016- “Renewable Diesel

December 2015- “Finally! Renewable Fuel Standards Set for 2014, 2015 & 2016″

November 2015- “Refinery Fenceline Monitoring”

2nd October 2015- “Crude Oil Imports”

October 2015- “Fuels Reporting and Attestation Deadlines”

September 2015- “Biomass Based Diesel in Transportation Fuel”

August 2015- “Can Biodiesel Save the Renewable Fuel Program in 2016?”

July 2015- “California Refineries – Still Standing, but Standing Still”

June 2015- “EPA Announces 2014, 2015, and 2016 Renewable Fuel Obligations”

May 2015- “California Dreaming of Foreign Crude Oil”

April 2015- “EPA Should Reconsider 3 Fuels Regulations”

March 2015- “Where Will All The Butane Go”

February 2015- “Between a Rock and a Hard Place- Setting the Renewable Fuel Standards for 2014,2015 & 2016”

January 2015- “Surviving the Regulatory Tsunami- Refiners are Not Alone”

December 2014- “NGOs – The Stealth Factor”

November 2014- Limbo-The State of the U.S. Renewable Fuels Program”

October 2014- “Forbes Article “It’s Final-Corn Ethanol is of No Use”

August 2014- “DFE- A New Term in Tier 3 Gasoline Regulation

July 2014- “Tier 3 Regulations Are In Effect

June 2014- Good News and Bad News To The New Tier 3 Regulations

April 2014- “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same…Or Change”

March 2014- “Have You Filed a RIN Integrity Report?”

February 2014- “Where Have All the FFVs Gone?”

January 2014- “RFS2 Makes Strange Bedfellows

December 2013- “RFS2 Legislation versus Regulation

November 2013- “A Brave New RFS2 World of Commonsense

October 2013- “Renewable Fuel Importers Beware

September 2013- “The Ethanol Push

August 2013- “Grandfathered Baselines in the RFS Program Aren’t What They Use to Be“; “EPA Finally Finalizes the 2013 Renewable Fuel Standards

July 2013- “Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

June 2013- “Tier 3 Proposed Regulations Comments

April 2013- “Tier 3 is Not Just About Sulfur

February 2013- “At Last!- Well Sort Of

January 2013- “Remembering Birthdays