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“King of All the World” – U.S. Refiners Still on Top, but for How Long?

By Ryan M. Couture and John R. Auers Over the last several years, U.S. refiners have climbed to the top of the global refining mountain, facilitated by both new developments and advantages that have been decades in the making.  This

“Cruel Summer?” – Refining Margins Stumble despite Record Gasoline Demand

By Ryan M. Couture and John R. Auers Back in February, we took a look at how refiners and integrated majors fared in 2015, the first full year since oil prices cratered.  In fact, while that year was very difficult

Born in the U.S.A. – Diesel in the land of “The Boss”

By Ryan M. Couture and John Auers In last week’s blog, we looked at the rapidly changing global market environment for diesel and other distillate based fuels.  The dramatic drop in oil prices over the past two years has certainly

“East Bound and Down” – A Look at Global Diesel Demand

By Ryan M. Couture and John Auers While Jerry Reed certainly wasn’t thinking about diesel in this classic 1970’s trucker ballad about hauling beer across the U.S., the trucks he was singing about (big rigs hauling goods to market) are

Day Late and a Dollar Short – The Impact of the Repeal of U.S. Crude Export Restrictions

By: Ryan M. Couture and John Auers In December of 2015, just days before Christmas, U.S. producers got an early present with the lifting of the crude export ban.  While it was a welcome change, it came too late for

“Slow Boat to China” – U.S. Light Crude Oil Exports: Where Would They Go if the Ban is Removed?

By: Ryan M. Couture and John Auers In our blog two weeks ago (Nov. 17th – House of Cards), we discussed the changing political landscape that surrounds the crude export debate.  While recent developments in Washington make it very unlikely

“Take Off to The Great White North” – Crude Exports to Canada Soar, Eh

Authors Ryan Couture and John Auers U.S. crude exports seem to be following the advice of the infamous McKenzie Brothers (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) in, “Taking Off to the Great White North.” In recent months, barrels from the U.S.

Sailing the Pacific: Exploring What Happens if Crude Export Restrictions are Relaxed – Part 1

Authors: John Auers, John Mayes and Andy Hill As the crude export debate picks up momentum in Washington and becomes an important topic in corporate boardrooms and management meetings throughout the energy industry, it certainly makes sense for companies to

Are You Ready to RUUUMMMBLLLEEE? Crude Export Policy Pits Upstream vs. Downstream.

Authors: Andy Hill and John Auers Earlier in December, ExxonMobil joined ranks with ConocoPhillips, Continental and other major crude producers to publicly call for an overhaul of U.S. crude export policy.  The American Petroleum Institute (API), the industry’s main lobbying

All Around the World – You’ve Got to Spread the Gas

With apologies to Oasis (I’m not apologizing to Justin Bieber), it’s gasoline, not “the word”, that refiners will have to “spread all around the world” over the coming years.  This will come as a result of both slumping domestic demand