Anode Coke Supply- The Gathering Storm




Turner, Mason & Company has partnered with AZ China and Cascade Resources and Consulting to evaluate the global supply and demand for anode grade coke on a yearly basis through 2025. Each anode coke producing refinery is identified with a recent history and production forecast. This supply projection is compared with the rising demand for anode coke resulting from strong consumption increases for aluminum. Potential solutions to the expected supply shortfall are also presented. Other supply drivers such as the IMO shift to low sulfur bunker fuel are also discussed along with their potential pricing and production impacts on anode coke.

Report Contents

  • Global Anode Grade Petcoke Supply
  • Refinery Quality Issues
  • Issues Impacting Petcoke Production
  • Petcoke Market Analysis by Country
  • Global Anode Grade Petcoke Demand
  • Global Aluminum Production
  • Anode Grade Petcoke Supply/Demand Balances
  • Implications for Buyers and Sellers of Anode Coke
  • Impact of IMO on the Anode Grade Petcoke Market

Selected Tables and Charts

  • Coke Producing Capability of Selected Crudes
  • Anode Coke Production Forecast by Country
  • Global Petcoke Supply/Demand Outlook
  • Global Aluminum Production Forecast
  • Potential Refineries to Switch to Low Sulfur Bunker Fuel
  • Potential Refineries to Lower Coke Quality
  • Global Fuel Oil Demand
  • Global Coking Capacity

What’s Included

  • Pdf report – Anode Coke Supply-Demand Outlook.pdf
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