“You Wreck Me” – RIN Cost Impacts

Authors: Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers Refiners these days can really relate to the lyrics of Tom Petty’s classic, “Your Wreck Me” when they see the tab for their Renewable Identification Number (RIN) obligations.  The industry, as a whole, spends

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“Desperados (Permian Crude) Waiting For a Train”

By Robert Auers and John Auers A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the potential of an impending “crunch” in pipeline takeaway capacity out of Western Canada.  The outage of TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline after a spill in South Dakota shortly

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Thanksgiving 2017

With many of us already making preparations for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we have decided to take a break from industry topics this week to have a blog dedicated to this special day.  For most of us in the U.S.,

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“Canadian Railroad (Pipeline) Trilogy” – An Impending Takeaway Crunch in Western Canada?

By Robert Auers and John Auers Gordon Lightfoot, perhaps Canada’s greatest songwriter of all time, wrote “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” to describe the building of the first Trans-Canadian railway in the 1880s.  Much as in the U.S., a trans-continental railroad marked

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“Goin’ Down to Mexico” – Revisiting the Mexican Refining Sector

By Robert Auers and John Auers ZZ Top’s First Album (Yes, that was the name of the album for those who didn’t already know), released in 1971, established the band’s distinctive Southern hard rock/blues sound and their lightheaded, quirky, and,

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Is Peak Demand “More Than a Feeling?”

By Robert Auers and John Auers It wasn’t long ago that many were talking about impending crude oil shortages, $150+ prices and the inevitability of a Peak Oil (supply) environment. However, the “shale boom” and other technology driven developments, which

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“I’m a (Not so) Little Teapot” – The Changing and Growing Influence of Teapot Refineries in China

By Robert Auers and John Auers The so-called “Teapot” refineries in China have acquired a significant increase in their public profile and indeed in their impact on both crude and product markets since they were first granted the right to

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Refiners “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by Projected Product Demand Increases

The Who’s single, “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” released in 1971, cautioned against political revolutions, which (especially in the developing world) often don’t deliver on all their promises.  Though we do our best, the same can sometimes be said regarding petroleum

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A Loophole in the Duck Test – Winter RBOB

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and Robert Auers Many people, particularly politicians, like to use the popular “duck test” when making a point about a particular issue or object – “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck,

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E10 – “I Won’t Back Down”

By John Auers and Elizabeth Hilbourn The original Renewable Fuel Standard (first passed in 2005 and expanded in 2007) called for ever-increasing volumes of renewable fuels to be blended into U.S. transportation fuels.  The most notable of these were, of

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