2018 Oil and Money Conference – Notes From the Refining Session

John Auers Last week, I attended the 39th Annual Oil & Money Conference in London, a major energy event which is co-hosted by Energy Intelligence and The New York Times.  This year, the conference again played host to leaders from

“Purple Haze” – Proposed Rule 1410

By Brian Mason Today we’ll talk about the proposed rule 1410 in California to potentially ban the use of hydrofluoric (HF) acid in California refineries. HF alkylation has been used in California since 1966. In 1967 Jimi Hendrix released the

“All Summer Long” – Impacts on Refiners of an E-15 Summertime RVP Waiver

By Beth Hilbourn and John Auers Although a little late for this summer season, the question of whether or not to extend the 1 psi waiver to E-15 (gasoline containing 15% ethanol)  in the summer time has again become a

What’s happening with the IMO’s 2020 Marine Fuel Rule?

By David St Amand, guest writer Mr. David St. Amand, President, founded Navigistics Consulting in 1994. Mr. St. Amand is a maritime economist/business analyst specializing in commercial shipping. He holds a B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb

Fuels Regulations Streamlining

By Beth Hilbourn and Robert Auers Streamlining of federal fuel regulations by the EPA is currently in process, and the effort should be applauded by everyone impacted by the regulations. The streamlining effort encompasses regulations that date back to the

The Changing U.S. Refining Landscape

By Robert Auers and John Auers Last Friday, September 7, John Auers presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ Energy and the Economy Conference here in Dallas, TX.  The title of the presentation was “The changing U.S. Refining Landscape”,

“The Song That Never Ends” – Cellulosic Biofuels

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers “This is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they continued singing it forever just because this is

“Changes” – U.S. Gulf Coast Petroleum Supply/Demand

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers We’ve written a lot about the “shale boom” and how that, along with other factors, has increased the competitiveness of the U.S. refining industry.  Taken together, these major developments have significantly altered the supply/demand

“Already Gone” – CAFE Becomes SAFE

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers Back in early April, we blogged of the Eagles song, “The Sad Cafe,” in recognition of an announcement by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt scrapping the 2022-2025 fuel economy standards for light duty vehicles. Since

“Secret Agent Man” – Federal Agencies Support Alternative Fuel Vehicles

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers The 1966 song by Johnny Rivers, “Secret Agent Man” is a lot like the U.S. alternative fuels market in that whether they will live to see tomorrow depends on the support of the government.