Merchant Refineries- Monkey in the Middle

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers Monkey in the Middle is a throwing and catching game for a small group where players try to keep the ball away from one player (the “monkey”).  Merchant refineries may feel a bit like

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The RFS Program- After a Monkey Wrench Has Been Thrown In

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers Just when the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program seemed to be getting on track, another monkey wrench has been thrown in.  2012 was the last year RFS was on track before the last compliance

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“Bad Moon Rising” – Venezuelan Happenings and Potential Impacts for U.S. Refiners

By John Auers and John Mayes While developments in Venezuela have long been “top of mind” for global energy markets and particularly U.S. refiners, they have become particularly critical and worrisome over since President Maduro announced his intentions to hold

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“Don’t Do Me Like That” – IMO Bunker Rules to Provide Major Challenges to Anode Coke Markets

Stu Ehrenriech/Cascade Resources and John Auers The decision last October by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)  to move forward with significantly lowering the  sulfur content of bunker fuel on  January 1, 2020 has causing serious hand wringing in both the

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“People are Strange” and so are Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel Limitations

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers Over the past two weeks we have used two of The Doors classics, “Riders on the Storm” and “Roadhouse Blues,” as lead in’s to a discussion of various issues associated with the Renewable Fuel

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“Roadhouse Blues” – How Biodiesel RIN Issues Could Challenge Refiners

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers Developments, regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program, continue to make the news with EPA’s release of the proposed 2018 requirements last week.  For the first time in the history of the RFS the

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“Riders On the Storm” – Obligated Parties Continue to Struggle With RFS Requirements and Uncertainties

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers The classic Doors tune, “Riders on the Storm” can be an appropriate description on how refiners and other obligated parties feel in managing their renewable fuel regulatory responsibilities.  The renewable fuel standard (RFS) program

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“Slumdog Millionaire” – Part 2; Indian State-owned Companies’ Plan for World’s Largest Grassroots Refinery

By John Mayes and John Auers Last year (May 10, 2016) we wrote a blog describing the success that Indian private refiners Reliance and Essar have had in building and operating large, complex refineries.  This success truly has been exceptional,

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“I Can See Clearly Now”- WTI Quality Characteristics Now Available!

The following Turning Point blog is provided by Dennis Sutton.  Following a 40-year career with Marathon Petroleum, Dennis is now a Principal in the consulting firm, PetroQual, and serves as the Executive Director of the Crude Oil Quality Association (COQA).

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“Born To Run” – U.S. Crude Starting to “Run” to Overseas Destinations

John Auers and Elizabeth Hilbourn The year 1975 was a while ago, 42 years to be exact.  In some ways, it was a tough year for OPEC as “Carlos the Jackal” led a deadly terrorist attack at their headquarters in

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