“Slumdog Millionaire” – Part 2; Indian State-owned Companies’ Plan for World’s Largest Grassroots Refinery

By John Mayes and John Auers Last year (May 10, 2016) we wrote a blog describing the success that Indian private refiners Reliance and Essar have had in building and operating large, complex refineries.  This success truly has been exceptional,

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“I Can See Clearly Now”- WTI Quality Characteristics Now Available!

The following Turning Point blog is provided by Dennis Sutton.  Following a 40-year career with Marathon Petroleum, Dennis is now a Principal in the consulting firm, PetroQual, and serves as the Executive Director of the Crude Oil Quality Association (COQA).

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“Born To Run” – U.S. Crude Starting to “Run” to Overseas Destinations

John Auers and Elizabeth Hilbourn The year 1975 was a while ago, 42 years to be exact.  In some ways, it was a tough year for OPEC as “Carlos the Jackal” led a deadly terrorist attack at their headquarters in

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AVIATION BIOFUELS: Who will get what and how? Lofty and Unattainable Goals!

Author:   Larry Sullivan Aviation produces as little as 2% or up to 5% of the world’s carbon or GHG emissions depending on whether UN or EU data sources are used.  While either figure is small in the global scheme of

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Memorial Day 2017 – Remember Why We Celebrate

There’s no question that both the upstream and downstream segments of the U.S. petroleum industry have experienced some challenges over the past couple of years.  However, there is even less doubt that they have developed into perhaps the most competitive

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O Canada – Results of Election North of the 49th Parallel Could Hold the “Key” to Keystone XL Success

John Auers and John Mayes The upset election of Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. Presidential contest certainly gave new found hope to TransCanada’s long suffering Keystone XL (KXL) crude pipeline project.  With the rejection of KXL by the Obama

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“Your Cheatin’ Heart” – Compliance Issues Cause Uncertainty About Low Sulfur Bunker Impacts

By:  John Auers The decision last October by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to go forward with the mandatory introduction of low sulfur bunker fuel in 2020 has been a major topic of discussion throughout both the refining and shipping

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Autonomous Vehicles: “Just what I (Electric Vehicles) Needed”

By:  Robert Auers and John Auers Many analysts are proclaiming that the recent trend toward ride-sharing, brought on by Uber and Lyft, combined with the advancing development of autonomous vehicles (AVs), may provide a significant boost to the fortunes of

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“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” – First 100 Days of Trump’s America First Energy Plan

By John Auers and John Mayes Everybody’s been issuing their report cards for the first 100 days of the Trump Administration and by and large, we’re not seeing a lot of A’s.  In fact, the classic Stones tune from the

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“Never Been Any Reason” – Trump Administration Considers Rollback of CAFE Standards

By John Auers Many words can and have been used to describe the first 100 days of the Trump Administration.  This landmark period, which actually ends next Saturday, has been termed everything from frightening to glorious, tumultuous to confusing, failing

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