“Long Train Runnin’” – New Washington State RVP Legislation Threatens CBR in the Pacific Northwest

By Robert Auers and John Auers In many ways, the evolution and chart success of the various releases of the Doobie Brothers, “Long Train Runnin’”, tracks the experience of Crude-by-Rail (CBR) in North America.  The DB classic was originally an

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – The Crude Quality Production vs. Refining Mismatch

By John Mayes and John Auers There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks and months about the “mismatch” between the type of crude which is being produced and the design capabilities of existing refineries and proposed expansions. 

“Together in Electric Dreams” – ICE Developments Challenge EV Momentum

By Robert Auers and John Auers The “electric vehicle” (EV) revolution has certainly been much promoted and is getting even more press with the introduction of the “New Green Deal” (NGD) as a “thing.”  While the NGD is much more

“Crazy Train” – The Crude by Rail Option for Western Canadian Bitumen

By Dan Cronin and John Auers “Crazy Train” is an all-time heavy metal classic rock song from British rock legend Ozzy Osbourne that can be found on his solo debut album “Blizzard of Ozz” released in 1980.  The song is

Your Time is Gonna Come” Is Partially Upgraded Bitumen the Future for the Canadian Oil Sands?

By Dan Cronin and John Auers “Your Time is Gonna Come” is a Led Zeppelin classic off their debut album.  It is interesting to note that the group was formed in 1968, and this song was performed live on Zeppelin’s

Provincial Election in Alberta – “Complicated”

By: Dan Cronin and John Auers After an extremely cold February (even by Albertian standards), many in the Province are happy that spring is on the way and with it comes a provincial election.  An election in Alberta used to

“Time Stand Still” – More Delays on Western Canadian Pipeline Projects

By Dan Cronin and John Auers A good case can be made that Canadian rock legends Rush best summed up the pipeline situation in Western Canada with their hit song, “Time Stand Still.”   It is no secret that a pipeline

PUB – “We Shall Overcome”

By Dan Cronin and John Auers “We Shall Overcome” is a protest song that is based upon a 1900 hymn composed by Charles Albert Tindley.  The song is most famously associated with the U.S. civil rights movement and has also

PUB – “The Producers”

By Dan Cronin and John Auers “The Producers” is a 1967 satirical film written and directed by the incomparable Mel Brooks (his directorial debut) which later was made into a Tony award-winning Broadway musical and remade into a 2005 film. 

“Let’s go to the PUB!” – Canada looks to solve takeaway problems with new strategies

By Dan Cronin and John Auers The song, “Let’s go to the Pub” by Bowling for Soup, addresses everyday problems in the world that can be solved by – you guessed it, going to the pub!   Perhaps you missed an