“We come from the land of the ice and snow” – Can the World Follow Norway’s Example for EV Adoption?

By John Auers and Robert Auers Immigrant Song, released in 1970, was the leading single from Led Zeppelin’s third album (Led Zeppelin III) and described the Vikings leaving Scandinavia in search of new lands to conquer.  Today, Scandinavia (Norway, in

“We Can Work it Out” – Most U.S. Refiners Likely to Find Ways to Avoid “Worst Case Scenarios” in Meeting Tier III Standards

By James W. Jones Last week’s guest blog by George Hoekstra of Hoekstra Trading highlighted the potentially serious economic penalties associated with meeting Tier III gasoline sulfur standards with certain FCC naphtha post-treating technologies or units that are not being

“Look What The Cat Dragged In!”

Written by: George Hoekstra, guest writer Mr. Hoekstra retired from BP in 2009 after working 35 years in refinery process research with Amoco and BP. Turner, Mason & Company welcomes Mr. Hoekstra and his subject for this blog, “Getting the

Tier 2 Gasoline Sulfur Credits – To Sell or Not to Sell, That is the Question

By Tom Hogan Current Sulfur in Gasoline Regulations The United States EPA has reduced the allowable maximum annual average sulfur content in gasoline twice. The annual average sulfur content maximum was set at 30 ppm (Tier 2) in 2005 for

With the “World Turning”, European Petroleum Demand Returns to Growth

John Mayes and Robert Auers We chose Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 hit “World Turning” as the title song for this week’s blog.  Much as the name suggests, the song describes the constantly changing and moving world around us.  Similarly, just as

“The Coke Side of Life” – Changes on the Way in the Anode Coke Markets

By John Mayes and John Auers Opportunities and challenges come in many sizes.  Some are large and may be announced with great fanfare.  Responses for these can be carefully evaluated, and there is ample time for preparations.  Other opportunities however,

“New Year’s Day” – A Look Back and a Peek to the Future

By John Auers and Robert Auers New Year’s Day was U2’s first hit single, both in the UK and internationally, and we believe it is very appropriate to use as the theme for our blog today – reviewing key energy

What Goes Up Must Come Down, and in the Case of Crude Inventories It’s Happening

Authors: John Mayes and John Auers Since the end of March, U.S. crude oil inventories have fallen by over 90 million barrels, equivalent to an average drawdown of almost 370 MBPD.  This has happened despite a continuing rebound in U.S.

“Pass it on Down” – Are RIN Costs Simply Passed on to Consumers?

By Robert Auers and John Auers Last week we discussed Renewable Identification Number (RIN) prices and the growing prominence of Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) compliance costs in refiners’ earnings reports.  This has been a subject very much in the news

“You Wreck Me” – RIN Cost Impacts

Authors: Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers Refiners these days can really relate to the lyrics of Tom Petty’s classic, “Your Wreck Me” when they see the tab for their Renewable Identification Number (RIN) obligations.  The industry, as a whole, spends