“Secret Agent Man” – Federal Agencies Support Alternative Fuel Vehicles

By Elizabeth Hilbourn and John Auers The 1966 song by Johnny Rivers, “Secret Agent Man” is a lot like the U.S. alternative fuels market in that whether they will live to see tomorrow depends on the support of the government. 

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Feedstock” – The Changing U.S. Gulf Coast Heavy Crude Market

By John Mayes and John Auers Driven by decades of massive investments in coking and hydrotreating expansions, the U.S. Gulf Coast consumes a large percentage of the global heavy crude output.  The investment was driven in turn by the rapid

A Visit to the Hill – Senate Investigates Higher Oil and Gasoline Prices

By John Auers I had the privilege of participating as a witness in a hearing held by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources last Tuesday. The stated purpose of the hearing was to “examine factors that are impacting

“You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” – Outlook for U.S. Crude Exports

John Mayes and John Auers We’ve seen a number of important new records set within the U.S. petroleum industry in the past 12 months, including crude production, refinery throughput, gasoline consumption, product exports, and crude exports.  Most, if not all

“Only Time Will Tell” – An Update on Refinery Project Activity

By John Auers and Brian Mason In reviewing the refinery construction landscape, the early 80’s hit “Only Time Will Tell” from English supergroup Asia comes to mind.  The title of that tune, which continues to be used in popular tv

“Ever Changing Times” and the U.S. RFS Policy

By Beth Hilbourn In some ways, RIN prices are just like Aretha Franklin’s song, “Ever Changing Times,” since they are ever changing and oftentimes feel quite unpredictable.   The RFS policy is a political play, and as such is reflected in

“I’m Free” – Trump Administration “Frees” Industry from Regulation, but Worries about Tariffs and Damage to Free Trade Abound

John Auers and Robert Auers  The classic track from The Who’s Tommy, “I’m Free,” doesn’t normally come to mind as an Independence Day tune.  However, as we get ready to celebrate the 242nd birthday of America’s freedom tomorrow, it made

“Ob-La-Di Obrador, Life Goes On, Bra” – Impacts of the Mexican Election on Refining Markets

By John Auers and Robert Auers Mexico certainly has been in the news lately, what with the barrage of media attention on the “family separation” issue at the U.S. border and the early success of the Mexican futbol team (particularly

Stuck in the Midland with You – Update on Plans to Relieve Permian Bottlenecks

By Robert Auers and John Auers We last covered the issue of Permian takeaway capacity in November 2017 here.  At that time we predicted that Permian production wouldn’t hit 3.3 MMBPD until the end of 2018, and as a result,

In Nationalizing Transmountain, the Canadian Government tells British Columbia to go “Love Yourself”

By Robert Auers For today’s blog, we chose a song by everyone’s favorite Canadian – Justin Bieber.  By purchasing the existing Transmountain pipeline and the Transmountain expansion project last week from Kinder Morgan for C$4.5 Billion, the Canadian federal government