EPA Regulatory Fuel Compliance Support

  • Industry specialists for CPA firms performing attestations required by the EPA gasoline, sulfur, toxics, benzene and renewable fuels regulations. (TM&C is not a CPA firm.)
  • Negotiations with federal, state, and local fuels authorities regarding fuels compliance issues.
  • Staff training for gasoline, diesel and renewables fuels compliance regulations.
  • Assistance for fuel compliance registration and reporting.
  • Compliance reviews of your current internal compliance staffing and procedures, including refining, importing, blending, and terminals.
  • Research any fuels compliance issue.
  • Laboratory compliance review.

If you need to research the fuel regulations or obtain reporting forms, the following link will take you to the forms’ page on the EPA website:

Fuels and Fuel Additive Report Forms

For direct help with environmental regulation and compliance support, please call either Tom Hogan or Beth Hilbourn at 214-754-0898.