Company Leadership


Michael W. Leger, P.E.
President & CEO

Graduated from Louisiana State University in 1971 with BS in Chemical Engineering. Formerly with Texaco and CITGO Petroleum.  Also served as President/CEO of small independent U.S. refining company. Expertise in petroleum downstream economics, fair market value analysis, feasibility/ competitive evaluations, transactional due diligence, strategic planning studies, plant management, independent engineer engagements, plant startup, environmental assessments, and expert testimony. Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas).

John R. Auers, P.E.
Executive Vice President

University of Nebraska BSChE (1980) and University of Houston MBA (1985). Formerly with Exxon. Experienced in facilities planning, computer operations, process control, refinery evaluations, refinery sales, and application of refinery linear programs. Leads the firm’s activities in forecasting and Outlook publications. Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas and Nebraska). 

Thomas R. Hogan, P.E.
Executive Vice President

Graduated in 1971 from Michigan State University with BSChE degree. Formerly associated with Mobil Oil and Husky. Experienced in planning and economics, linear programs, petroleum transportation and trading, environmental assessments and environmental fuels compliance and litigation support. Leads the firm’s activities in fuels compliance consulting. Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas).

Malcolm M. Turner, P.E.

Graduate of Rice University with BA (1958) and MSChE (1959) degrees. Formerly with Conoco. Experienced in facility appraisals, acquisitions and reorganizations, venture analysis and development, economic and feasibility studies, financial planning, crude oil marketing, pipelines, design and operations of refinery and petrochemical processes, and expert testimony. Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas).

Shanda B. Thomas
Corporate Secretary and Business Manager

Graduate of Texas A&M University with a BA (2005) and Texas State University with a MA (2007).  Came to TM&C in 2007. Experienced in EPA Moderated Transaction System (EMTS) to provide RIN management services, technical assistance for attestation services and fuels regulations reporting.  IT support, data management, infrustructure management, web development and communications, accounts receivable and payable. Responsible for company financial accounting, billings,  and benefits. 

James W. Jones, P.E.
Senior Vice President

University of Texas Austin BSChE (1976) and University of Texas Tyler MBA (1980). Formerly with LaGloria Oil & Gas. Experienced in refinery project management, process design, operations management, refinery startup, petroleum refining economics, HazOp review and application of refinery linear programs. Leads the firm’s project management and technology assessment activities. Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas).

John M. Mayes
Vice President

Graduated from Texas A&M University in 1976 with BSChE degree. Formerly associated with Gulf Oil, BP, Ultramar, and Fina/Alon. Experienced in refinery planning and economics, linear programming, wholesale and retail fuels marketing, product trading, pipeline and terminal economics and operations, and crude oil evaluations.

Elizabeth Hilbourn, P.E
Vice President

Graduated from the University of Minnesota with BSChE degree (1989) and from the Illinois Institute of Technology with MBA (1996) and is a Member Society of Women Engineers and American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  Experienced with EPA reporting, renewable fuel producer registration and 3rd party engineering reviews and RIN due diligence.  Has assisted with foreign EPA registrations in the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Argentina. Is also experienced in process engineering, process design, linear programming, short-term planning and strategic planning in the refining industry as well as R&D experience in catalysis.  Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas).

Robert Auers
Senior Consultant

Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.  Formerly with Western Refining.  Experience in petroleum refining economics, process engineering, process design, and HazOp review.  He is a current member of Turner, Mason & Company’s Outlook team.